Za-Za Underwear Plovdiv

Let’s face it, everybody needs underwear and swimwear for the beach. What better place to look for it than a chain of stores which has been on the market for 20 years and counting and can offer a wide variety of choices with an enticing price tag? Yes, we are talking about Za-Za Underwear.

As far as shooting this video goes, the beautiful and professional model did nothing but help and so did the perfectly organised shop staff. Thanks to those people, we managed to complete our shot list in no more than an hour, which happens so rarely that we couldn’t believe it ourselves. Oh well, here’s to hoping we go back there for another shooting…

With a couple of stores around Plovdiv, you can pick the closest Za-Za location to you and using Plovdiv City Card, you are eligible to some amazing discounts and offers, so go ahead and take advantage of this. But of course, not before you watch our video!