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In Ethereal we are dedicated to providing quality content for the digital age.


Корпоративни / Промоционални / Евенти / Сватби

Корпоративни / Промоционални / Евенти / Сватби

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Продуктова / Евенти / Промоционална / Имотна

Продуктова / Евенти / Промоционална / Имотна

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Motion Graphics / Анимация на лога / Анимация на лирики и текст

Motion Graphics/Intro Logo Animation/Lyrics and Text Animation

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Our Team

The people who make the magic happen.

Stefan Philipov

Co-owner, photographer and filmmaker, specializes in video effects and animation.

Mihail Bachurov

Co-owner, photographer and filmmaker, keen on color correction and grading. Also our dedicated droneman.

Konstantin Tunchev

The editor behind the beauty. Dreams about attention to detail. Nitpicky at his worst, Da vinci genius at his best. Makes the simplest shots looks outstanding.

Some of Our Clients

We work with attention!

“We want to thank you for your motivation, patience and dedication!” The videos you created for us are just great! We hope to have the opportunity to work together again. “

-Peter Kouroumbashev