Skiing in Les Deux Alpes - Rapsody Travel & Events

As content creators and artists, we naturally love traveling, we appreciate new spectacular locations and spots and we are always grateful when we have the opportunity to go film in beautiful places abroad.

Such as the French Alps. A skier’s paradise and a mountaineer’s playground, this magnificent portion of the European mountain chain is known for its stunning beauty with its breathtaking views and many alpine lakes, year-round attractions and access to numerous water sports. Les Deux Alpes is a village, situated at 1,650 m and its lifts run up to the staggering 3,600 m! It also has the largest skiable glacier in Europe and is France’s second oldest ski resort behind Chamonix.

You can imagine how thrilled we were to be able to film a full week of skiing and partying there, all organised and made possible by Rapsody Travel & Events Bulgaria, a travel agency with a lot of experience and happy customers all year round. It was a lot of work, we won’t deny that, but in the end, the experience, the people and of course, the mesmerizing views, are what made this project one of the best jobs we had the privilege to participate in.

As if we can even call it a job with all the fun we had…