Men & Cherry (Boothstock Festival After Movie)

Men & Cherry are among the most exciting house-orientated bands in the Netherlands. We had the immense honor of creating a promotional video for their set at Bootshock festival – one of the biggest music festivals in the Low Countries.

Far from the standard informational video projects, this one required not a small amount of graphic design skills so that we could find the most proper way to present the band. In order to blend with the general fast-pace of the Bootshock festival, we incorporated fast-paced editing which in turn gave birth to an incredibly dynamic and colorful video.

The main purpose of the project can be summarized in one word – energy. Men & Cherry are a band that plays with energy and transfers it to the dancefloor by the power of their captivating music. So, we decided to show as many people with their dancing shoes as we could in a 1-minute clip.

What we got is a great picture of the Men & Cherry effect, result our clients were more than happy with!