DOEV Plastic Manufacturing

DOEV Plastic Manufacturing is a family company, based near Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They have started in 1990 and they have already built a great reputation throughout those almost 30 years of experience in the field.

The video we made for them was a promo, intended to be used in their website as a quick “guide” into their activities. It shows the facilities, the wide range of machines they have at their disposal and the whole manufacturing process of plastic products from the drawing board to putting them in the back of a truck for delivery.

Techically, it was not such a difficult job because in places like this, the workflow is very organised and it was easy for us to go through our shot list. Which was thorough, by the way. We executed everything our client needed, the way they needed it and we were quick to deliver and make some small corrections after the initial draft was seen by them.

We had a lot to learn here and we are happy that it’s all wrapped up as a job well done!