Protests in Plovdiv - Drone Video

This video was made possible because of the political situation in Bulgaria during the summer of 2020 with country-wide anti-government protests in the capital and other bigger cities, such as Plovdiv. Tensions were high and angry people took to the streets to demonstrate how they feel about the whole situation and voice their demands.

This is solely a drone video, no ground shots, and as you can probably see, the drone footage consists predominantly of higher and wider shots, as we were trying our best not to disturb the protesters and put their health in jeopardy with low flying above their heads. Safety is a very important part of flying drones, especially when big crowds are present, because even with skilled pilots, things can sometimes go bad very quickly and one must be prepared for such a turn of events at all times.

It was all very hectic as events were unfolding rapidly, but we managed to get a few excellent shots and even topped it all off with a beautiful fiery sunset over the protesting crowd. When nature is on the videographers’ side, magic happens!