Multi Culti, Taste The World

You have the chance to see through the eyes of Multi Culti owner and main chef, Mario Marinski, as he himself tells you a few words about his project called Multi Culti. As a gastropub, Multi Culti’s atmosphere is laid-back and casual, the food and drinks are quite diverse and you can literally “Taste the World”, as their motto states.

As Mario himself says in his website, “Nowadays it is not difficult to wake up in Paris on Monday, fly to China in the middle of the week and wrap it all up with a New York weekend, but since for most of us all this can’t really be a frequent experience, the culinary trips can be just as exciting.”

This was a very fun project to complete as Mario and his staff were all too helpful and the interior was exquisite, so it was not very hard to make it all look good on our part. We used a single camera with a 35 and a 50 mm lens attached to separate those colorful backgrounds and immerse the viewer in the fine details of everything shown in frame and we believe it worked like a charm. And most importantly, so does Mario!