Meri & Rufat Wedding Trailer

Meri & Rufat’s wedding day was a very romantic and emotional one, both for the couple (obviously) and for us. The photogenic couple made our job a whole lot easier, as every pose was a great one and we had an abundance of shots to choose from when editing this trailer.

We followed their day from start to finish, visiting some beautiful places in the process. The most impressive one for us was the park you can see towards the middle of the video, which had some awesome greenery and lighting to offer and allowed us to do some classic “happy couple” shots, that, we believe, added some value to this video. Not ot mention the beautiful fountains and water effects, which were arranged to be working especially for the newlyweds and that added a touch of uniqueness on its own.

Then it was time for the party to start. As we always prefer, we were working with familiar photographers and even though we had to do some difficult shots in tight spaces at the restaurant, we managed to do so without interfering with each other’s work, because we have experience working with these guys and we know how to do so in harmony.

There was also a special surprise towards the wedding’s end, where the bride’s brother proposed to his girlfriend (they were actually the best man and maid of honor). This was the icing on the cake, a very emotional and touching moment, which gave the people another powerful reason to not stop the partying and celebrations. And so they did!

Enough talking, just press “Play”!