Markovo Tepe Mall, Plovdiv

You need a pair of trousers or maybe a new colorful shirt for the summer? Want to get a new mobile device? Wanna grab a bite or go to the movies? Whatever you need, you can find in Markovo Tepe Mall. With its convenient central location and tons of different stores, it’s got something to offer even to the most picky.

This was a relatively hectic project, because we had as little as one afternoon to visit the mall and film 10 different locations with models. Coordination was good and everyone knew what they had to do, but it was still a very exhausting endeavour nontheless. We had to split up for some shots, sometimes both of us filming on completely different floors and ends of this large shopping centre, coordinating through the phone (Note to self: buy walkies). In the end, the large shot list was completed in time and the end result is visible here.

We believe we can always do better, no matter what, but considering the time frame and difficult logistics, we still think this is a good result. What do you think?