Бъдете свидетели на магията на Пловдив!

Plovdiv holds a special place in our hearts, not only because it’s the oldest city in Europe or because of its majestic hills for which it’s often called “The city of the seven hills”. Plovdiv has a certain atmosphere that makes it a place with no equivalent not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole Old Continent. Its magic cannot be possibly captured with mere words – you have to be there to feel it.

Naturally, we support all organizations who work for Plovdiv’s promotion and spread its reputation as one of the most remarkable cities you can visit. We use both on-ground and aerial videography in this promotional video. We chose that method, because it gave us the ability to not only show Plovdiv’s streets from up close, but also to scale the video up and to give the viewer a full picture of what the city is.

And believe us when we say – getting a Plovdiv City Card is one of the best tourist decisions you can possibly take.