Humans of Plovdiv

Yet another video project for an organization devoted to the beautiful city of Plovdiv. The talented guys and girls behind Humans of Plovdiv aim to present the most complete picture of the city, by creating a place that captures not only Plovdiv’s sights and streets, but also its people and their stories.

We chose love for the main theme of the promotional video. After all, love is what Humans of Plovdiv stand for – unconditional love & the pure emotional connection it allows us to build with each other. Jonathan and Eli were more than perfect and their one-in-a-million onscreen chemistry was the best possible way for us to give flesh to our concept.

We purposely avoided urban elements in this project in order to accentuate on the idea of human relationship, which is the focus of the organization’s campaign. Last, but not least – special shout out to the enormous beauty of Plovdiv’s sunset for giving us the perfect ending of this exciting video.