Multi Culti - Eggs Benedict

Another one of our projects in the heart of Plovdiv met us with Mario Marinski – the creative and enthusiastic chef of Multi Culti gastropub. We were invited behind the scenes and witnessed him preparing the famous Eggs Benedict, taking a peek into all his little tricks and techniques (which we will of course keep secret), that render this specialty beyond tasty.

The kitchen was a fairly confined space and we didn’t have a whole lot of room to work with, but using the right equipment, we managed to get the important shots for the preparation of the specialty and then a couple of “boutique” shots of the serving upstairs. We also captured a small portion of the place’s interior, including some beautiful wine bottles, copper mugs and very special VW refrigerators.

All in all, we witnessed first hand the way work gets done at Multi Culti and the quality and professionalism, employed at choosing the right ingredients and condiments for each meal. Aside from that, we met full cooperation and assistance from chef Marinski in order for this videoshoot to happen as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We will, without a doubt, be returning there very soon, but this time as customers. We highly recommend you do the same and as their slogans says – Taste the World!