Free Plovdiv Tour

We have said numerous times that our city – Plovdiv, is very special to us and we think it is easily one of the best cities for living in Bulgaria. We always try to support and work with all the organizations that share our beliefs and this project is a good example.

We were tasked with creating a short film showing some of Plovdiv’s most prominent and popular sights, while also capturing the emotions and atmosphere at the birthday party of this non-governmental ogranization, Free Plovdiv Tour. Then we combined that with a voiceover, consisting of a few words from their happy tourists. We used a drone to show a different perspective to some key locations, which we believe moved and distinguished the video.

If, however, this project did not manage to convince you to start sharing our point of view about Plovdiv, why don’t you go and take a Free Plovdiv Tour yourself, this ought to do the trick!