Филипина и Златан, Сватбен трейлър

Filipina & Zlatan’s wedding day was a beautiful one, considering factors from the couple itself, through to the choice of the restaurant and other locations.

However, this was a logistically very complicated day for us, because due to the fact that the bride, groom and best man had different bithplaces, we had to go shoot in several different towns simultaneously, which were not so close to each other, and all that before noon. Again, we had teamed up with familiar photographers, so we split into two cars with one photo and one video guy in each and followed each of the newlyweds from the early morning. When noon came, all of us finally gathered together in one place and the ceremonies could begin.

What made this wedding especially beautiful for us was the choice of restaurant where all the final rituals and partying were carried out. It was a beautiful garden complex not far from town, which had some amazing lighting, scenery and of course, a breathtaking sunset to offer. To top it all off, there were fireworks alongside the wedding cake, which were the crown jewel of the celebrations.

We believe the video portrays well each side of the wedding, from the traditional Bulgarian customs at the beginning of the day, which were important to the couple, to the exciting and emotional celebrations towards its end.