Fonax Smartphone Accessories Plovdiv

We’ve all been there – taking your smartphone out of your pocket, getting the “butter fingers” and suddenly it’s face down on the pavement with a cracked screen. Luckily, Fonax has got us covered! With a wide range of smartphone accessories like screen protectors, backs, chargers and a lot more, this is a true 5-star hotel for your smartphone.

Filming this was a bit challenging, especially the take with the phone dropping. It may seem quite simple while watching the final product, but it had a few differerent components to it, such as the girl using just the right amount of force hitting the phone, which in turn had to fall exactly in front of them and on its screen and to top it all off – our models had to make a believable reaction to all of this, all while the security guard was trying to hold most of the curious people in the shopping centre’s busy first floor from walking right into the shot. Believe us when we say, when finally all of the stars alligned, it was quite the relief!