Винарна Драгомир

This project we did for Plovdiv City Card met us with two inspiring enologists, who have gathered years of experience in the field of winemaking and finally joined forces and created Dragomir Winery Estate. It is a small winery in Plovdiv, associated with high quality winemaking not only for the Bulgarian market, but for the European as a whole. While it is already successful at this stage, it still has big plans for itself, starting with developing and opening a new boutique estate near the village of Dragomir, hence the name.

Small quality wineries as theirs are exatly the ones, which are becoming the major driving force for variety and identity in the bulgarian winemaking scene, which is why we are so glad we had the chance to meet them and become acquainted with their process.

If you live in Plovdiv or are visiting soon, we strongly recommend taking a day to visit Dragomir Winery Estate and sample a few of their characteristic wines, we promise you will not be disappointed.